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Thoughts on Bin Laden

Sitting down to eat, I was lacking a companion, so I switched on the television. On the Discovery Channel was a show detailing Seal Team Six’s raid on Bin Laden’s compound. In it one of those security wonks who parade themselves on national TV was talking about Al Qaeda losing its ability to overthrow Middle Eastern governments as was its initial plan.

Yet who does overthrow Middle Eastern governments? The United States. And are the powers that replace the governments friendly to us? No.

How did this happen? I don’t know, but Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton and Susan Rice all hold responsibility for it. Regardless of the strategy that they are pursuing, it seems counter to our interests to have the Muslim Brotherhood running Egypt, Libya or any other Middle Eastern nation.

Al Qaeda doesn’t need the ability to overthrow Middle Eastern governments, they’ve already done it. By destabilizing the balance of power circa 2001, they awakened the Middle East to the political realities surrounding them. The political population eventually grew frustrated, and overthrew their rulers.

The only questionable part of this story is, “Why is the Obama administration helping them out?” And that is unfortunately unanswerable.