Behavioral economics sounds less obvious than psychology.
Adam Grant. “Why Behavioral Economics Is Cool, and I’m Not” (via peterspear)
The Western understanding of the five senses is not scientific fact, but rather a folk taxonomy handed down from Aristotle to Descartes and other influential thinkers in the Western intellectual tradition. Among the Anlo-Ewe people of West Africa, she explains, balance is a sense…
Alexis Winter. “Sensory Anthropology” (via peterspear)
Will my website also work in Texas?
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Maybe the knowledge is too great and maybe men are growing too small…. Maybe, kneeling down to atoms, they’re becoming atom-sized in their souls. Maybe a specialist is only a coward, afraid to look out of his little cage. And think what any specialist misses - the whole world over his fence.
John Steinbeck, East of Eden (via invisibleforeigner)
Throughout DeLillo’s work we encounter young men who plot violence to escape the plotlessness of their own lives.
Chris Cumming. “Falling Men: On Don DeLillo and Terror
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Once upon a time, for instance, all that you needed to start a bank was a bench. You put your bench up in a square in medieval Italy and sat down behind it to do business. The Italian for bench is banca, and hence our modern word bank.
Mark Forsyth. “The Poetry of the Trading Floor, Going Beyond Bears and Bulls” (via peterspear)

So true.

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MacGregor, John, 1825-1892. The ascent of Mont Blanc, a series of four views, printed in oil colours by George Baxter, [1855?]

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Houghton Library, Harvard University

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